Sunday, 12 June 2011

Quick Tip: Hair Growth Rate

 How fast does hair grow per month?

MedlinePlus states that on average, healthy human hair grows at a rate of 1/2 inch a month. According to that source, the average person will grow about 3 inches in six months and 6 inches in a year.

Why is it important to know YOUR growth rate?

1/2 inch per month is an average. If you are actively growing your hair and would like to do it in a certain time frame, it's good to know personal growth rate. Say, if you are trying to grow 12 inches of hair in two years and your growth rate is 1/4 inch per month instead of  the average, you will then have to adjust your expectations.

How do you find YOUR average growth rate?

Measure a piece of your hair with a ruler and write down the value and the date. Do not cut your hair or trim your hair for one month. After the month is up, measure your hair again and subtract the difference.

* In case you were curious, my growth rate is 1/2 inches a month. I'm not a special snowflake:(

Sources: (picture found here)

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  1. mine grows 1/4inch per month! i've decided to stop trimming and just cut off any split ends as i discover them during styling.