Sunday, 6 November 2011

Quick Tip: Protecting Natural Hair: Winter Edition

For a lot of people, winter means Christmas shopping, snow, chestnuts roasting. While these are lovely occurrences, winter can mean dry, damaged, hair for many women with natural hair. Protect your enviable hair in the cold and holiday season with the following tips:

Hair-cicles are no fun!
Make sure your hair is dry before leaving the house: 

Cold air is drying and can literally freeze your hair. When going outside on a cold day, avoid leaving the house with overly damp or dripping wet hair. If you don't want hair icicles, you may have to forgo the Wash-N-Go in extremely cold weather.

Watch out for heated appliances: 

Heat is very drying to the skin and hair. So, limit the use of hair straighteners and blow dryers in the colder season. Also, a lot of people do not realize this, but space heaters, fires, hot showers, and heaters are also potentially damaging to the hair. While these sources of warmth are a godsend, they can leech your hair of much needed moisture.The best way to counteract the drying effects of heated appliances is by limiting exposure.Use heated tools only when necessary, wear a hats and head scarves, moisturize and seal more often, and if you can, buy a humidifier.

Wear hats and scarves:

Even a Santa hat will do:D 
 Hats and head scarves are perfect ways to protect your hair from hot and cold air in the winter time. Just make sure that the material from the hats and scarves is not directly touching your hair. Before putting on a head scarf or hat, try wearing a satin scarf. Doing so will prevent the materials from robbing your hair of moisture and lessen the effect of friction on your strands.

Try wearing protective styles:

"Structured Whimsy" is my go-to protective style.
While I don't think it is necessary to keep your hair in protective styles all the time, protective styling can be beneficial during the winter months. The benefits of protective styling are numerous: protects hair from unnecessary damage, low manipulation, beautiful, prevents excessive moisture loss and etc. Leaving your hair "out" in the winter time will expose your hair and scalp to the drying effects of cold air. Try some "tucked away" styles, buns, wigs, hats, or braids.