Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Soap Box Special: Treatise on Natural Hair

Huh mmm *clears throat*. Below are my thoughts on natural hair. Glean from these thoughts what you like:
  1. Natural hair can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. I have had success with both a complex and simplified hair routine and I prefer simple.
  2. Natural hair is overrated. 
  3. I do not like twist outs. I don't see the point of learning to love our individual textures if we are going to make cookie cutter "textures" from twist outs. Same goes for braid outs, pin curls, and Bantu knots. 
  4. I do not believe in the natural hair community. The natural hair community overemphasizes the importance of healthy natural hair. This goes back to the first bullet point. 
  5. I am excited for people who learn to love their hair. Not because hair is important, but because it a step closer to overall self-love. If arms were hated on as much as natural hair was, I would be writing a blog about Arm Envy and sharing knowledge about arms. 
  6. I don't care about other peoples' hair. All I want is for other people to be happy with their own hair. When people are happy with themselves, they glow. I love seeing that and it makes me happy for them.Other than that, I could give two shits about what someone else is doing to their own head because its not my head. 
  7. I do not have hair idols. This relates to the previous bullet. I don't care enough about someone else's  hair to compare/compete with them. I just look to make my hair the best it can be and disseminate  any knowledge with others so they can make their own hair the best it can be ( or not, refer back to number 5). 
  8. I don't watch hair videos. I used to watch lots of hair videos to gain knowledge. I now prefer scholarly articles as they provide more information. 
  9. I don't follow many other hair blogs/channels/forums. This touches on points: 3,5,6,and 7. 
  10. My preferences consistently change.  As my hair grows, so does my style and preferences. I used to want to grow longer hair now I can't stand having hair on my shoulders and usually wear it in up dos and buns.This may change as well. 


 Fro Envy